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Problems reading the files in Linux ncdump and Matlab ncload

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this could be because the OC Climate Change Initiative files are in a compressed version of NetCDF 4. Try reading the 3 examples given in the zip file below, which contains:

  • NetCDF version 3
  • NetCDF version 4
  • NetCDF version 4 with compression (the closest to our dataset)

If you can read the NetCDF 3, but not NetCDF 4 files then the ideal option is to have your machine updated to use the latest NetCDF libraries. If this isn’t possible then an alternative option is to download and build nccopy that can then be used to convert the files from NetCDF 4 to NetCDF 3; they will significantly increase in size as the internal NetCDF compression will no longer be available.

netcdf-test.zip3.3 KB