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Comparison of V2 and V3 data

OC-CCI v3.0; it's here!

[Update, 15sep: NASA have released revised MODIS-Aqua data (R2014.0.1) for the 9th June 2014 onwards. We are therefore analysing what effect this has and looking at reprocessing the most recent OC-CCI v3 data to take this into account. We will make an announcement when the decision / revised version is ready.]

  • More data: introduction of VIIRS and SeaWiFS LAC into the merged time series, updated NASA datasets to r2014; extension to 2014/15, depending on quality ; improved supersampling to remove "speckle"
  • Bias correction improvements, reducing sensitivity to medium-term changes and extending the method to work beyond the lifetime of SeaWiFS
  • Updated atmospheric correction and in-water algorithms based on the results of a new round robin.
    • MODIS is now processed with POLYMER (as MERIS in v2.0 and earlier), while VIIRS and SeaWiFS remain SeaDAS based.
    • POLYMER has been updated to give an improved coverage and quality in case-2 waters.
    • OC4 was reselected, but now in combination with OC5.
  • Blended chlorophyll algorithms to give a better solution in case-2 / optically-complex (coastal) waters.

If you've been following the updates placed here, you'll be pleased to know the data has now passed its Quality Control and been released. The small image in the top shows a preview of the V2 versus V3 data, indicating the significant improvements we see; click on it to see a larger version.

For details on how to access the data, see

To ask any questions, contact

Ocean Colour CCI

The Ocean Colour CCI (OC-CCI) project focuses on the Ocean Colour ECV encompassing chlorophyll concentration, remote-sensing reflectance at SeaWiFS wavelengths in the visible domain, various components of the inherent optical properties and the diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490 nm. It utilises data archives from the MERIS, Aqua-MODIS, SeaWiFS and VIIRS missions. It has also looked at the possibility of CZCS and OCM-2, and the next step is to evaluate Sentinel-3 OLCI. We gratefully acknowledge the support we’ve received from ESA, NASA and the community at large in developing this update to the merged time-series product.

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User showcase page

A User Showcase page has been create to demonstrate some of the applications of the OC-CCI data.

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